SimuOS Online Simulators and Emulators

Accessing these simulators is super easy; you just need to copy-paste the metaverse domain URLs into any Meta browser to access SimuOS simulators.

macOS simulator

visionOS simulator

VisionOS Simulator

Imagine being able to try out Apple’s amazing gadget, the Apple Vision Pro, even before you own it.That’s where visionOS Simulator comes in! It’s an online simulator that lets you experience what it’s like to use the Apple Vision Pro device, right on your computer. You can experience the Apple technology even if you don’t have the actual hardware. This means you can enjoy the experience no matter what kind of computer you have.Our main goal is to make sure that people all around the world can get a chance to experience what’s in the Apple Vision Pro, without spending a lot of money.

VisionOS Simulator

The Apple Vision Pro is quite expensive, but with visionOS Simulator, you can explore its world for a much lower cost. Plus, you can stay up-to-date with the newest versions, enjoying the latest features and functions of apple vision pro with our visionOS simulator

macOS Simulator

Imagine experiencing Apple’s macOS, even without owning a Mac computer. macOS Simulator is a gateway to experiencing macOS on your very own computer. It’s a hassle-free online tool that lets you navigate the macOS environment, regardless of the type of computer you’re using.With macOS Simulator, you can dive into Apple’s software world without the need for a physical Mac. Whether you’re on a different computer, you can still enjoy the macOS experience.

macOS Simulator

Our mission is to offer macOS exploration to everyone, whether they own a Mac or not.macOS Simulator is easily accessible online, requiring no downloads. It’s designed to work smoothly across all operating systems and compatible browsers.

Simulator Vs Emulator

Offers a simplified versionAims to replicate the actual experience as closely as possible
Copying functions without being identical to the real thing Imitates both hardware and software to create an almost identical experience
Provides a general feel and understanding.Offers a more accurate representation of the original device or system.
Ideal for experince and exploration.Used when an exact replica is necessary.
May not accurately reproduce all details.Strives to accurately replicate the original.


SimuOS is a great way to try out Apple Vision Pro and macOS experiences, but it’s important to know it has some limits.

It might not work exactly like the real devices in terms of speed, hardware, or certain apps. Also, network and security things might be a bit different. While it’s a useful tool, remember it’s not exactly the same as the real.

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