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SimuOS is the best way to experience macOS without a Mac device, offering a collection of latest macOS versions.

macOS online simulators are to experience without boundaries. Regardless of your operating system, web browser or hardware support, SimuOS offers online virtual macOS simulation to experience different macOS versions as it is in a virtual environment.

Simulators in SimuOS Store

The latest macOS Ventura, macOS Monterey and macOS Big Sur online simulators are available to view, feel and experience for all desktop computers. (macOS simulators for iOS and Android will be released soon.)

macOS Ventura (Upcoming)
macOS Monterey
macOS Big Sur

Reasons to try SimuOS

Apart from the fact that SimuOS offers the best online macOS simulator collection, there are some reasons making it worthy of checking out yourself.


Requirement is just to be online. Any changes on macOS simulator will be reflected on your private simulator collection immediately.

No Download Needed

No download needed to run macOS simulator. Just access your private macOS simulator collection with your dedicated link.

Support All Operating Systems

SimuOS supports all desktop operating systems at the moment and mobile Mac simulator is on the way for the latest macOS versions.

Compatible with any Browser

You can run your private macOS simulator collection using any web browser including Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

How to Run macOS Online Simulator?

SimuOS virtual simulator collection is available whenever you want without limitations. There are only two simple requirements to access your macOS simulators.

  • This version of the SimuOS collection works only on desktop computers. Every major desktop operating system including Windows, Linux, and macOS are fully supported on any web browser. Mobile macOS simulators for iOS and Android operating systems will be released soon.
  • SimuOS macOS simulator is an online tool based on user interfaces of each macOS version. Therefore this simulator to function without any issues, it requires a stable and fast internet connection.

How to Access macOS Simulator Collection

You can get access to macOS Big Sur, Monterey and Ventura online virtual simulators with the SimuOS simulator collection.SimuOS offers a private collection of macOS versions created specially for you where you can access your private collection anytime just with your email address.

After purchasing macOS Simulator private collection, you’ll receive an email with a dedicated link to log on to access the virtual macOS simulators. You can access any of the macOS simulators with this link.

Mobile macOS Simulators

SimuOS virtual simulator collection is available whenever you want without limitations. There are only two simple requirements to access your macOS simulators.

There are some macOS simulators for both iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately, these mobile macOS simulators are not available for the latest versions of macOS. Also, due to the limitations of mobile devices and development environments, these mobile macOS simulators are far behind from the online or desktop versions of macOS simulators. We are planning to overcome these challenges with the SimuOS mobile macOS simulator. As our mobile simulator is under development, bookmark us to check back later.

SimuOS Simulator vs Virtual Machine

Virtual machines are designed to achieve more from the virtualization of an operating system by increasing hardware support to the virtual operating system. To get maximum performance from a virtual machine, you have to sacrifice the performance of your physical machine. As simulators are designed to virtually simulate the environment of an operating system, it can run with minimum hardware requirements. That’s the reason why simulators are more effective in running in any virtual environment and it’s cost-effective. However, you may have to evaluate your need to run macOS and decide what will serve your purpose; a Simulator or a Virtual machine?

SimulatorVirtual Machine
Best for experiencing user interfacesBest for testing internal behavior of the OS
Can run with minimum hardware requirementsNeeds hardware support
Limited functionalitiesCan achieve some system functionalities up to some extent


As simulators are designed to work with minimum hardware requirements to experience the OS interfaces, there are limitations for simulators. Even though a user can experience the OS features and interfaces, system functionalities will be limited when using a simulator.

These are some of the system functionalities limited in SimuOS online macOS simulator.

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